About Us

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Walla Walla Tasting Room offers unique legal services to various companies and emerging business enterprises, lending institutions and entrepreneurs across the world. We are experts in researching the best lawyers in the world in terms of talent, sill and their professional integrity.

Walla Walla Tasting Room is a law firm that serves corporate on full time basis with skilled attorneys. We not only offer scope across several legal specialties but we also offer depth and breadth as well as proficiency in every discipline. We count creativity as our major brand in our law firm. This has become our hallmark characteristic and has put us on the path to innovation and ingenuity. We try to remain on the forefront of all budding legal issues.

Our strength has been built on our collective history and our roots are strong in the communities that we serve. We have been able to forge our own paths and created a law firm that serves our clientele and our communities. We have remained committed as we have expanded and kept our focus on qualities of a small legal firm that involves an ability to work expeditiously on behalf of our clientele so that we are able to respond in quick time to their individual needs. Besides offering breadth across various legal practices, we also offer experience in each of these disciplines such as the Affirdable Care Act, Bankruptcy and Rights of Creditors, Corporate Law, Customs and International Trade Law, Labor and Employment, Family Law, Immigration Laws, Insurance, Intellectual property and Technology, Medical Malpractice Defense, mergers & Acquisitions, Patent Laws, Personal Injury Laws, Real Estate, Securities, Taxation, Trusts and Wealth Transfer.