Battling Genetics to Get a More Youthful Look

There comes a time in each woman’s life where she wants one of those makeovers that we see done on television. You know what I am talking about. You see a regular woman who may not dress well and has a few extra pounds and a haircut that is not the best get an overall makeover. She will get a new hairdo, skin treatments, help losing a few pounds or toning muscle and a new wardrobe. I was working on the fitness and wardrobe, And I went to a Singapore aesthetic clinic to help me get a more youthful look to my skin. The hair change was the last thing I did.

I got rid of an old tattoo and got skin blemishes removed. I had some dark spots, and I had some fat around my edges that needed to be Cool Sculpted away. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it is one that people see every day. (more…)

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Enjoying My Time at Futura

I’ve only been living in the New Futura condo for about a month, but I’ve been loving it so far. It’s got plenty of space and all of the amenities I need. There’s a pool, gym, and tennis court for me to use for exercise. Also, I met a girl and have a date with her later tonight. I met the girl a week after moving into the condo. She lives in one of the condos and we bumped into each other while walking. We had a short conversation and I asked her if she wanted to have coffee with me one day and she agreed.

Over our coffee session, we talked a bit more and I learned that the girl was born in Singapore but grew up in Europe because her parents traveled a lot. (more…)

I’m Making a Great Living with My Website

Meeting my husband online is one of the best things that has happened in my life. We lived in two separate countries, but it has worked out well now that I live in his country with him. I wanted to try running my own business, so I decided to open an online store. He taught me that SEO in Philippines for any website is really important. He’s said that without doing some things behind the scenes, it would be really hard for people to even learn that I have online shop. I’m glad that he pointed it out to me because hiring a service to do it for me is one of the biggest things that has now made my site so popular.

Back when I lived in the US, I often heard people in other countries say that they wished that they could buy from American websites, but they often didn’t because of the high postage costs. (more…)

I Wanted the Apartments Cleaned

I have several rental properties. It is very rare when someone moves out because the apartments are really nice, and the prices are slightly below market value. I have learned long ago that this is the best way to ensure that they are not vacant for long even if someone does move out. I used to clean the apartments myself when someone moved out, because I wanted it to be perfect for the next tenant. I am getting older though, so I did a search for pre moving in cleaning for Singapore because I just didn’t feel like doing it on my own anymore.

It was no big deal when I was in my 30s and 40s to clean an entire apartment on my own, but it is a different story now that I am in my late 50s. My body just does not cooperate as well as it did when I was younger, and it is well worth the cost for me to have someone come in and clean the apartment for me. The first time I did this, I hired the niece of a friend of mine. (more…)

Falling While Sick is Adding Insult to Injury

Getting ill is hard enough, but recuperating from it can be much harder. I had t he flu last year, and it was the worst I had ever felt. I thought I had it many times before, but I knew that none of the other times had come even close. I could not do anything, and holding down a few sips of water was even difficult. I expected a lot of bed rest for sure, but I did not expect that I would need to see a chiropractor in San Jose by the time all was said and done.

What had happened was I needed to get up and use the bathroom. I was very weak, but I had no choice but to get there. I made it there fine, but I fell on the way back to my bed. (more…)