I Wanted the Apartments Cleaned

I have several rental properties. It is very rare when someone moves out because the apartments are really nice, and the prices are slightly below market value. I have learned long ago that this is the best way to ensure that they are not vacant for long even if someone does move out. I used to clean the apartments myself when someone moved out, because I wanted it to be perfect for the next tenant. I am getting older though, so I did a search for pre moving in cleaning for Singapore because I just didn’t feel like doing it on my own anymore.

It was no big deal when I was in my 30s and 40s to clean an entire apartment on my own, but it is a different story now that I am in my late 50s. My body just does not cooperate as well as it did when I was younger, and it is well worth the cost for me to have someone come in and clean the apartment for me. The first time I did this, I hired the niece of a friend of mine. I hated to tell my friend I would not be using her anymore though because she just did not do a good job.

I knew that I needed to keep it business from that point forward, so I looked at cleaning companies in the area. I chose Rawah Cleaning mainly because of their prices, but I keep them because of the fantastic job that they do. I have had several different cleaners from there through the years, and each one does the same level of cleaning that is second to none. It is even a better job than what I did when I was doing the cleaning on my own. It is usually hard to find good service, but it was easy in this case!

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