Working at Home Was Contributing to a Bad Back

I can’t help it that I need to sit for so many hours every day because it is a must for work. I started my own business at home, and I have no choice but to work long hours so that I can keep everything organized and keep my business running. After a year of feeling chained to my desk chair, I realized that I have a lot of back and neck pain. Seeing a Cumming chiropractor was imperative, and I made an appointment with one immediately. I have seen how my parents grew worse and worse after they didn’t get help, and I didn’t want the same thing to happen to me. The ability to keep working on my own means too much to me to lose that ability.

When I used to work in an office, I did a lot of sitting. But nothing like I am doing now. In an office, I needed to get up and down a lot so that I could go talk to other employees. I also left the office each day for breaks and for lunch with other coworkers. I was able to some walking in every day, but that just does not happen for me now. There is no one in my home office that I need to speak with. I need to save money, so I eat at home, and I walk about 20 steps to go outside for some fresh air a couple of times per day.

The lack of movement in my life led me to feel stiff all over. I also carried a lot of pain in my shoulders, neck and lower back. Some days it would get really bad and then I had to take a pain reliever. It was affecting my work. But now that I’ve gotten help from a chiropractor, I am feeling some wonderful relief.